Model Press Policies for Federal Agencies

Model Policy for Federal Agencies:
This is the United States of America. Federal employees, like all people here, have the absolute right to speak to anyone about anything publically or confidentially, with the sole exception of conveying information that is legally confidential or secret.
Because federal agencies exist to serve the public and all of their work is the public’s business, federal employees should be as honest and helpful in answering inquiries from journalists as possible.
Federal agencies or political administrations may not chill employees’ right of free speech in any way. Federal employees may not be prohibited from speaking confidentially with anyone, including journalists.
In support of the important role that vigorous and honest information exchange plays in the nation’s vitality and the public’s welfare, federal employees may not be mandated to notify or coordinate their speech with anyone, including supervisors or public relations officers, with the exception of circumstances involving information that is legally confidential or secret.